Why We Are

Why We Are

Dear Friends,

We are a team of people with simple goals in life. We want to give back to society in any way possible to make a difference in lives of underprivileged people.

I, Prashant Patel, have been supported by friends and family members during course of my life’s ups and downs which has made me who I am today. These positive and heartfelt experiences have created an urge to help those in need. As a result, I have worked with founding members of Karma Junction to create a vehicle to contribute to people in need.

In month of January 2015, we decided to put into action our desire to help and make a difference. Our selfless desire to lend a hand to the needy is what drove us to formalize our actions and found Karma Junction. During the early days of Karma Junction, our goal was to make a vast impact by selecting a large project in term of efforts, duration and monetary needs. By keeping this goal in mind, we began our journey.

During my visit to India in January 2015, I went to Eklavya School where I met with children and the faculty members. I quickly realized that by leveraging limited amount of resources a large impact could be made in the lives of these children. One has to walk before you run and hence we decided to take on smaller projects keeping the larger goal in mind. We embarked on a journey over next two months to identify organizations that are eager to help our larger goal. However, to our great disappointment, we weren’t able to identify like spirited organizations. As a result of this experience, we decided to re-think our mission.

Thinking hard on ways to continue helping through Karma Junction, I remembered what my grandfather used to tell me. He always said that you can do little things for needy people and still make an everlasting impact on their lives. His inspiration led us to change our mission and goal. We quickly realized that no task is ever small and we can make a big difference by doing little things.

Karma Junction would not have been a possible without the support of our co-founders – Manisha Patel (my wife), Shiwani & Amit Joshi, and Bijal & Amish Jhaveri. I will share with you a little bit about them and their involvement in Karma Junction.

Amit Joshi has been very instrumental in creating our mission and defining our goals. I have always known Amit as a good friend and a good listener. He provides candid and objective opinions to his friends and colleagues. He is a very personable, responsive, insightful and determined individual.

Amish Jhaveri is a kind hearted person who despite having an “in your face” personality always expressed his desire to help Amit and me, to get Karma Junction off the ground. He brings his strong analytical, organizational and marketing skills to the organization. Amish has an excellent foresight and helps us set realistic and achievable goals.

Shiwani, Manisha and Bijal create and manage our communication plan and outreach program.

We look forward to engaging with individuals like yourself to grow Karma Junction into a transparent entity committed to helping where needed. Remember no work is small, and to the one in need it may be the turning point in his/her life, also inspiring them to help others in need in any which way they can.

We encourage other philanthropists to come partner with us and continue taking Karma Junction’s mission further.

With warm regards,
Prashant Patel
Founder & CEO
Karma Junction