Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Karma Junction is currently raising funds for Water Well and Sanitary Napkin for schools.

Daily Difficulties without Water:
It’s extremely difficult for the school attendees to remain hydrated and maintain hygiene during school hours. The students often miss classes to go home for water refills and to use a toilet, which negatively affects their education in the long run. Because of the lack of water, girl students going through their monthly menstrual cycle face challenges maintaining their hygiene. The cost to build and to drill water well is from $1500 to $2500

Challenges without Sanitary Napkins:
Girl students attending school in remote rural areas reported staying at home the entire length of their periods due to fear of soiling themselves in the presence of others. The usual practice was to use discarded cloth, which the girls felt did not offer sufficient protection on the long walks to school, which fears, in turn, prompted them to stay home. The cost of 1 year supply of pads for 60 girls students is $265.

Suffering without Mobility:
It is very challenging for physically handicapped people to painlessly move around, independently leave the house to meet family and friends or earn some income. The cost to provide Hand-Driven Tricycle or Wheelchair is $140.

Hardship with broken Walls and Roof:
It is tough to live in a room without proper roof and walls because during summer the scorching heat causes the floor to become unbearably hot. In the rainy season, there is nothing to prevent water from coming in and the house provides no protection from stray animals and insects. The cost to build 10 * 13 permanent structure is from $1000 to $1500.

Empowerment through Employment:
We are piloting this program by sponsoring employment for a potential candidate who is experienced working as a nurse in a hospital environment. Through Karma Junction’s initiative, the hospital shall provide a working environment. However the job compensation will be provided by one of our donors. One year employment cost is from $800 to $1300.