The Gift of Vision

Location: Village: Rampur (Bhim Pagla), Tahsil: Bhiloda, Dist, Aravali

Challenge: During delivery of the Happy Feet project at Rampur Village, we discovered an eight year old child amongst the student population, named Sajan, who was stumbling continuously. Upon further inquiry, we learned that the child has been diagnosed as legally blind with only 20% of vision capacity. Our team went to meet with the family of Sajan and profoundly discovered that his two siblings Sahdev of five years and Sunil of three years also have impaired vision. Furthermore, we learned about a thirteen year old girl named Dharmistha who had similar vision challenges.

Approach: These kids come from a village called Rampur, about 180 KMs from Ahmedabad, with no direct access to transportation. We met the kids’ families, who had practically no knowledge of the advances in medicine. The families agreed that the kids be taken for evaluations. We then connected with well-known and experienced doctors in Ahmedabad – Dr. Vishal Modi and Dr. Vinod, who performed an eye exam on all the 4 kids.

As a result: Unfortunately, Dharmistha was diagnosed to be blind. The youngest of all, Sunil, was a little nervous and did not cooperate well with the doctors to let them diagnose him. Doctors examined Sahdev, but could not find a solid diagnosis of the root cause. Sajjan however, was prescribed glasses, due to which not only vision has improved many folds, but its further deterioration has also been brought to an end. For, Sahdev, Sunil and Dharmistha, Karma Junction will be putting in further efforts, and we will keep you posted on that as they happen.

Helping Hands:
Aravind Nair
Dr.Vishal Modi
Dr. Vinod
Kalpesh K. Shah
Viral Trivedi
Samir Shah
Manish Patel
Jay Patel

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