Project Will Power

Location  City: Anand, Taluka: Anand, Dist: Anand, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – November 2015
Challenge  This is the difficulty of a family of 5, where the only 2 earning members of the family are more than 50% handicapped and 3 beautiful children who barely get a solid meal a day. The father, Ayubbhai is paralyzed in both of his legs due to Polio but still supports his family via income from a Bicycle Repair service that he runs from a curbside location about a mile from home. He travels this mile on a hand propelled tricycle since his legs are completely non functional. The mother, Samimben, also has lost the function of one of her legs and moves about with the help of a stick. Her will power and maternal instinct to raise her children, gives her the strength to make a small income by doing household chores to aid the inadequate income of her husband. Together they are still not able to make ends meet. Rent alone is in excess of their combined incomes.

Solution   Bhumit and Tina Joshi sponsored the purchase of a motorized air pump to fill air in tires along with other tools to run his repair service. This helped Ayubbhai to get more done in less time, hence be able to serve more customers and earn more income.

Costs   $348.87 = Rupees 23,000
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Aravind Nair, Bhumit Joshi, Tina Joshi

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