Project The Gift of Vision

Location  Village: Rampur, Taluka: Bhiloda, Dist: Aravalli, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – July 2015
Challenge  During delivery of the Happy Feet project at Rampur Village, we discovered an eight year old student, named Sajan, was stumbling continuously. When we met with Sajan’s family we profoundly discovered that his two siblings Sahdev of five years and Sunil of three years also have impaired vision. Furthermore, we learned about a thirteen year old girl named Dharmistha who had similar vision challenges.

Solution   Kids eye’s diagnosis were arranged by Karma Junction. Dharmistha was diagnosed to be blind. Sunil, was nervous and did not cooperate well with the doctors to let them diagnose him. Doctors examined Sahdev, but could not find a solid diagnosis of the root cause.

Costs   $185.00 = Rupees 11,100
Helping Hands Aravind Nair, Jayanthibhai, Dr.Vishal Modi, Dr. Vinod, Kalpesh K. Shah, Viral Trivedi, Samir Shah, Manish Patel, Jay Patel

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