Project Social & domestic hardship

Location  Edison, New Jersey, USA

Status  Completed – July 2015
Challenge  It is hard to imagine what a person would feel when they go from being happily married, having a home and a job to being homeless, jobless and served a divorce notice. Unless you are a certain gentleman in Edison, New Jersey who was recently in this situation.

Solution   This situation is a slight deviation from the other projects of Karma Junction, but it still qualified as in the end, our aim was to make this person re-capable of providing for himself with dignity. The members of Karma Junction provided him legal guidance, logistical help and most importantly moral support to come out of this in a state that he was in before he encountered this situation – confident and able. Due to this timely help he is now legally employed, has a handle on his life and the ability to steer it in the right direction.

Costs   No financial costs
Helping Hands Rajendra Patel, Toral Parekh

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