Project 5-Wings on Wheels

Location   At. Railway Colony Gothaj, Mahemdavad, Kheda, Gujarat, India

Status   Completed – February 2016
Challenge  Having lost his leg in a train accident and another to infection, Chandubhai fulabhai Rathod, has been living with this challenge since the age of 15. He is supporting his mother who is now 65 (lost his father some time back). He had a broken hand driven tricycle which was hard to navigate for his daily work of selling tobacco products.

Solution   Chandubhai now has a new hand driven tricycle which allows him to move faster and more easily to make his daily sales. Thanks to Pragnesh Panchal from New Jersey, USA.

Costs   $91.00 = 6,000 Rupees
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Metha, Pragnesh Panchal

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