Project 3 – Wings on Wheels

Location  Rohitvas, Modej, Gujarat, India

Status   Completed – February 2016
Challenge  Somabhai Danabhai Makvana, a widower and a father of 2 daughters (16 years in 10th grade, 8 years in 3rd grade). He also take care of this visually challenged mother. Somabhai is physically challenged due to right leg being shorter as a result of polio. He is a cobbler and shoe polisher by profession and has a daunting 2 kms distance from home to work.

Solution   A hand driven tricycle, by sponsor Kiran Kondakindi, has made his commute easier and cheaper because now he does not have to depend on public transportation.

Costs   $89.00 = 5800 rupees
Helping Hands  Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Metha, Kiran Kondakindi

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