Project 2 – Wings on Wheels

Location  Indira nagari, Khambhali, Railway Station Gothaj, Post Varsola, Gujarat, India

Status  Completed – January 2016
Challenge  A father of 2 (6 years old daughter, 4 year old son) sells cosmetic items to nearby towns. The hardship here is that he has lost both legs to polio and his only option was to drag himself on the ground to move about.

Solution   Our sponsor made it possible for him to be mobile on a hand driven tricycle, which helps him move with more ease and cover more area for his sales.

Costs   $89.00 = 5800 rupees
Helping Hands  Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Metha, Reena Kaushikbhai Patel

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