Project 12-Wings on Wheels

Samaspur gam, Khambhali Rd, Post Bavda, Yogeshvar Pura, Gujarat, India

Status Completed – April 2016
Vikram Atmaram Rathod, a 25 year old, works in farms to harvest crops. He has polio since birth and has no use of his legs due to that. He lives with his parents and 2 sisters (age 14 and 16). He and his parents do labor jobs to support the family and send the sisters to school.

With the help of our supporter Rajvirendra Singh, Karma junction was able to provide Vikram with a hand driven Tricycle which helps him move about more easily and with dignity.

Costs $91.00 = 6,000 Rupees
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Metha, Rajvirendra Singh

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