Project 1

Location  At Bhathiji Fadiyu, Khambhali, Mehmedabad Taluka, Gujarat, India

Status   Completed
Challenge  Varsaben Simabhai Zala, was affected with Polio after the age of 7. Due to this she lost her legs. Her hands are also weak due to malnutrition which poses and additional challenge in her performing even her day to day activities. She is living with her parents (father who is a farm laborer and mother is a house wife). Till she was 10 her father used to carry her to school and other places when needed. He would also have to carry her to a nearby secluded open space for her daily needs. As she is growing older, so is her father, and it is becoming harder and more uncomfortable for her father to take her around, especially to the washroom. If he was at work she would have to drag herself to the washroom.

Solution   Out first suggestion was to get her a tricycle, but due to extremely week hands she is unable to work it to move. On request of her parents we at Karma Junction, with the help of Raj Ghule and Ananth Vasudevan, were able to build a half bath along with a septic tank for her use. This has put back some dignity in the life of this 25 year old.
Costs   25,000 Rupees
Helping Hands  Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Mehta, Raj Ghule, Ananth Vasudevan

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