Happy Feet

Location: Village: Rampur (Bhim Pagla), Tahsil: Bhiloda, Dist, Aravali

Challenge: On a tour with one of the social workers, Arvind, Prashant saw a whole bunch of kids walking on the highway, barefoot. He stopped to ask them, and learnt that they were headed to school. He further learnt that they walk approximately 3 km (~1.86 miles) every day, barefoot, to get to school. This becomes particularly difficult and painful in the summer months when the temperature is often as high as 115 F, and sometimes even higher.

Approach: After meeting the kids, we visited the school and met with the Principal to get more details. A total of 178 kids attend the school varying from ages 5 to 12 years old. All of these kids walk to and from school, an average of 4-6 km every day, and most of them, barefoot.

As a result: Karma Junction distributed 180 pairs of footwear to ease the kids’ commute. We also distributed umbrellas so that the kids would have some form of rain protection in the monsoon months. The kids and their parents were equally excited, and very grateful. The Principal also invited a Karma Junction representative to be a guest of honor, and hoist the flag on the Republic day celebration.

Helping Hands:
Aravind Nair
Samir Shah
Manish Patel

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