Project 1 – One Stitch at a Time

Location  204 Second Floor, Rahmati Flat, Kalupur Tower, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, 380001

Status  Completed – January 2016
Challenge  Here is a story of a mother, Khairunnisa Shaikh Iqbal Mohammad, who lost her husband and hence her financial and emotional support. She is motivated to make her 10 year old daughter’s life better by providing her an education. She needs a source of income to help her daughter excel in education and be healthy. The only trade Ms Khairunnisa has is the art of sewing.

Solution   In order to make a living and support her daughter’s ambition, one of our sponsor, Dilipkumar Shukla, has provided a sewing machine to start her own business.

Costs   $106.60 = 7,000 Rupees
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Dilipkumar Shukla

Project 7-Wings on Wheels

Location  Mavjipura farm, Samaspur – Khambhali road, Khambhali, Taluka: Mahemdavad, Kheda, Gujarat, India

Status   Completed – February 2016
Challenge  Jayeshbhai Rathod, age 42 years, was born with polio and lost his left leg to it. He has to hop around on one leg to move about. He supports himself by doing labor job on a farm while sitting down and then using an old tattered hand driven tricycle for delivering milk from farm to nearby dairy.

Solution   Jayeshbhai would benefit from a new hand driven tricycle which will lessen the burden of moving around. He would be able to make a better living with this new machine.

Costs   $91.00 = 6,000 Rupees
Helping Hands  Hanif Sindhi, Siraj Sindhi, Amitu Metha, Bhamini Amin