Project Happy Feet

Location  Village: Rampur, Taluka: Bhiloda, Dist: Aravalli, State: Gujarat

Status Completed – January 2015
Challenge  Kids walk approximately 3 km (~1.86 miles) every day, barefoot, to get to school. This becomes particularly difficult and painful in the summer months when the temperature is often as high as 115 F, and sometimes even higher.

Solution   Karma Junction distributed 85 pairs of footwear to ease the kids’ commute. We also distributed 200 umbrellas so that the kids would have some form of rain protection in the monsoon months.

Costs   $483.00 = Rupees 28,980
Helping Hands Aravind Nair, Jayanthibhai, Samir Shah, Manish Patel

Project Distribution of 100 waterproof backpacks

Location  Village: Mahemdavad, Taluka: Mahemdavad, Dist: Kheda, State: Gujarat

Status Completed – July 2015
Challenge  Kids are carrying their text books in a shopping bag or a carry bag of cloth. When it rains the books are wet and sometimes damaged by mud and soil if the bag rips.

Solution   Karma Junction was able to provide 100 kids a waterproof solution in the form of backpacks to be able to focus on learning not on the keeping the learning tools safe in the Mukhya Kumar Shala Primary School.

Costs   $218.88 = Rupees 13,900
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Manish Patel, Subodh Mehta

Project Distribution of 1000 notebooks (140 pages each)

Location  Village: Rampur, Taluka: Bhiloda, Dist: Aravalli, State: Gujarat

Status Completed – June 2015
Challenge  It is hard for kids to learn when they have to scramble for paper or books to write their notes or practice their math problems. Learning is harder if they have to memorize their daily learnings while facing their day to day hardships.

Solution   More than 200 students have received 1000 notebooks and now have better learning tools due to the efforts of Karma Junction. This way they will not only be able to learn better but also pass on their notes to their fellow students.

Costs   $370.06 = Rupees 23,500
Helping Hands Aravind Nair, Jayanthibhai

Project A place to call school

Location  Village: Jharsa, Taluka: Gurgaon, Dist: Gurgaon, State: Haryana, Country: India

Status Completed – January 2015
Challenge  Eklavya provides free education to underprivileged children. Currently, over 100 kids (and growing) attend the school. Eklavya was facing lack of premises where the school would meet.

Solution   Karma Junction helped Eklavya with security deposit for a new school location.

Costs   $250.00 = Rupees 15, 000
Helping Hands Piyush Singh, Amit Garg, Samir Shah

Project The Gift of Vision

Location  Village: Rampur, Taluka: Bhiloda, Dist: Aravalli, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – July 2015
Challenge  During delivery of the Happy Feet project at Rampur Village, we discovered an eight year old student, named Sajan, was stumbling continuously. When we met with Sajan’s family we profoundly discovered that his two siblings Sahdev of five years and Sunil of three years also have impaired vision. Furthermore, we learned about a thirteen year old girl named Dharmistha who had similar vision challenges.

Solution   Kids eye’s diagnosis were arranged by Karma Junction. Dharmistha was diagnosed to be blind. Sunil, was nervous and did not cooperate well with the doctors to let them diagnose him. Doctors examined Sahdev, but could not find a solid diagnosis of the root cause.

Costs   $185.00 = Rupees 11,100
Helping Hands Aravind Nair, Jayanthibhai, Dr.Vishal Modi, Dr. Vinod, Kalpesh K. Shah, Viral Trivedi, Samir Shah, Manish Patel, Jay Patel

Project Distribution of 50 school uniforms

Location  Village: Mahemdavad, Taluka: Mahemdavad, Dist: Kheda, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – July 2015
Challenge  Some students could not attend school (Seth J.H.Sonawala High School) because their families simply do not have the monetary means to purchase essential items such as uniforms and stationary supplies.

Solution   To motivate children to attend school and take continued interest in their schooling, Karma Junction distributed school uniform to 50 needy students.

Costs   $439.98 = Rupees 27,940
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Manish Patel, Subodh Mehta

Project Social & domestic hardship

Location  Edison, New Jersey, USA

Status  Completed – July 2015
Challenge  It is hard to imagine what a person would feel when they go from being happily married, having a home and a job to being homeless, jobless and served a divorce notice. Unless you are a certain gentleman in Edison, New Jersey who was recently in this situation.

Solution   This situation is a slight deviation from the other projects of Karma Junction, but it still qualified as in the end, our aim was to make this person re-capable of providing for himself with dignity. The members of Karma Junction provided him legal guidance, logistical help and most importantly moral support to come out of this in a state that he was in before he encountered this situation – confident and able. Due to this timely help he is now legally employed, has a handle on his life and the ability to steer it in the right direction.

Costs   No financial costs
Helping Hands Rajendra Patel, Toral Parekh

Project Campaign for Literacy

Location  Village: Mahemdavad, Taluka: Mahemdavad, Dist: Kheda, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – November 2015
Challenge  Two bright kids are unable to continue their elementary education because parents are unable to pay their tuition. Their mom passed away in August, 2015 after a long battle with breast and brain cancer. All of the dad’s earnings & savings were spent in her treatment. Their father slipped into depression and got on to alcohol addiction. He now has diabetes which stays around 400, and he spends most of his time in the hospital.

Solution   A generous support from Bhavin and Sima Amin from Piscataway New Jersey helped these two kids to attend the school for one year.

Costs   $523.31 = Rupees 34,500
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Samir Shah, Bhavin Amin, Sima Amin

Project Will Power

Location  City: Anand, Taluka: Anand, Dist: Anand, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Completed – November 2015
Challenge  This is the difficulty of a family of 5, where the only 2 earning members of the family are more than 50% handicapped and 3 beautiful children who barely get a solid meal a day. The father, Ayubbhai is paralyzed in both of his legs due to Polio but still supports his family via income from a Bicycle Repair service that he runs from a curbside location about a mile from home. He travels this mile on a hand propelled tricycle since his legs are completely non functional. The mother, Samimben, also has lost the function of one of her legs and moves about with the help of a stick. Her will power and maternal instinct to raise her children, gives her the strength to make a small income by doing household chores to aid the inadequate income of her husband. Together they are still not able to make ends meet. Rent alone is in excess of their combined incomes.

Solution   Bhumit and Tina Joshi sponsored the purchase of a motorized air pump to fill air in tires along with other tools to run his repair service. This helped Ayubbhai to get more done in less time, hence be able to serve more customers and earn more income.

Costs   $348.87 = Rupees 23,000
Helping Hands Hanif Sindhi, Aravind Nair, Bhumit Joshi, Tina Joshi

Project Soften the fall

Location  Town: Naroda, Taluka: Khanpur, Dist: Panch Mahals, State: Gujarat, Country: India

Status  Started – September 2015
Challenge  Here is a life of a once healthy man who supported himself and his mother with the help of a job as a clerk at a travel agency in Mumbai. Jigneshbhai Rawal, age 44, and his mother Sarojben Rawal, age 64, are support for each other. An unfortunate fall in the bathroom left Jigneshbhai with multiple fractures on his hands, legs and backbone. After multiple surgeries (including rods fitted in his hands and legs) he is unable to walk. The cost of these surgeries has wiped of the little savings that he managed to put aside. Both, mother and son are at the mercy of neighbors. They stay in an old building (with no elevators) on the 3rd floor, so imagine going up and down the stairs in his condition, event for urgent critical matters. Next to impossible!

Solution   A generous support from Hitesh Patel from Edison New Jersey helped Jigneshbhai to pay his monthly medicine and food for one year.

Costs   Estimate – 16,000 rupees
Helping Hands Aravind Nair, Hitesh Patel