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Eklavya happened when one man felt the urge to give back to poor and underprivileged children by providing them with free basic education. Currently, over 100 kids (and growing) attend the school out of their own interest, who otherwise do not have access to schools because they are laboring when they should be in schools. It is managed by volunteers whose one way commitment towards the cause, is not only commendable, it is also highly testing.

Challenge: The growing number of students has raised the issue of space. The organization was faced by a lack of premises where the school would meet. The inability to secure a place to conduct the school would cause a serious setback to the studies of all the kids who had a new found interest and hope to get educated and ‘be someone’ when they grow up.

Approach: Karma Junction founder Prashant visited the school – the volunteers, the teachers, the children and some families. Prashant also met the students who had been at Eklavya at some point and were now attending the mainstream public or private schools due to the efforts of Eklavya and their own dedication towards a better future for themselves. He discussed the various options and other issues with the Eklavya founder to better understand the current state of the organization, and more importantly its future goals.

As a result: Karma Junction committed to paying the security deposit of Rs. 25,000 for the school location. Based on the other discussions Prashant had during his visit, he also committed that Karma Junction will continue supporting Eklavya as needed by undertaking newer causes such as buying supplies and stationary, providing transportation for kids, etc. Not to mention, some very intimate and real bonds were formed between Karma Junction, Eklavya and its very essence – the wonderful kids!

Helping Hands:
Piyush Singh
Amit Garg
Samir Shah

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